An independent art director and designer in Encinitas, California.

For nearly the past 10 years Tavish has operated his own independent studio, creating meaningful brand experiences and campaigns, collaborating with amazing talent from around the globe, and working passionately to create thoughtful and impactful work for small and large companies alike. Tavish has had work featured in publications such as ISO50, PRINT Magazine, Branding Served and was awarded two San Diego Addy Awards in 2015 among other recognitions.

Along with his design studio, Tavish is always seeking new and exciting ventures and has started, sold, failed and learned his way through various start ups and other ventures. A few notable brands he has been apart of in the past as a partner, co-founder or director are Mica Watches and Mosaic Menswear and is still currently involved in one of these capacities with Julez Bryant and Foamy Surfboards.

Above all else, Tav is a family man, with an amazing wife and beautiful daughter. If the waves are good or the snow is deep, he tries to get away from his desk.

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